Fouad WhatsApp v 7.96 Latest Version (Anti-Ban) Download Now

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is a material structured mod, that gives TONs of highlights including customization, subjects, evolving styles, application lock, discussion locks, PRIVACY mods, and many more!


♦ Whats News in 7.96


° Base Update 2.19.150


⭕ Important note, if you have been banned before:

1- Uninstall/remove WhatsApp first

2- Install V7.96 and Verify number again.

°×Exclusive Status Splitter ✂️, Split long videos to 30 seconds parts 🎞️

° Added Missing Old emojis (iOS)

° Enabled Ignore Archived chats (Settings > Notifications)

° Enabled Frequently forwarded tag on messages forwarded 5+ times

° Enabled See how many times you forwarded a message (Select > info)

° Improved Anti-ban measures

° Improved Performance and reduced lag

° Improved Faster opening app time

° Fixed Anti-delete Status/Messages option not disabling

° Fixed Hidden chats show in widget

° Fixed Random crashes when a notification arrives

° [ALERT]🗑️ Delete message time back to: 1hr 30 mins 🚫

° ALERT Forward limit back to: 5

To avoid Bulk Messaging and Spamming

° Removed 5-minute status option)




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  1. Hi, how can i backup chats to put in another phone?

  2. This latest version of FMWhatsApp doesn’t allow one have all the privacy they need. Noticed almost all my contacts use this version and this Anti-delete status and Anti-delete message are just a mess. what if I upload something I don’t want it there anymore? It means all those that use this version will still see what I don’t want to be seen. That feature has messed up all the privacy you offer. That is no privacy at all. I strongly recommend you take off that mod in the next version cause it’s really annoying.

  3. Banned cus using moded whatsapp.
    Any solutions???

  4. Why it is wan in India?

  5. Oniyide Adedayo

    My 7.90 is outdated I need new version

  6. hi guys.. note .. this version It’s only extended expiry not anti ban.. version anti ban I will soon download it on site when it is ready

  7. Why the whatsapp always show ‘what doesn’t run unless you have a google play service,which not supported by your device’?

  8. I can’t download v 7.96

  9. I installed this version for about 20 hours and then I got banned. This DOES NOT work!

  10. Please do when u get the anti ban version

  11. Hi sir After installed Anti BAN V7.96 Verison WhatsApp doesn’t work after registration they called Google play services not spotted. Kindly solve this problem

  12. Hi
    I just got banned on the new version 7.96.
    Any help?

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